Debt Recovery

We offer a debt recovery service. The first step to take on debt recovery is for us to send a letter, after having obtained all of the preliminary information that we need from you, to the debtor requesting payment. We will let you know details of any reply to that correspondence and provide advice on any points referred to in that correspondence as well. You will need to consider what further steps you wish to take, depending upon whether or not the payment has been made, and we will advise fully on the options including going to mediation to try and reach an agreed settlement if the claim is disputed and also court proceedings.

Our charges cover taking your instructions and considering any documents received. In addition, our costs will cover advice on any reply from the debtor and also include forwarding payment of any money recovered on your behalf from the debtor.

The work is undertaken by Mr. Bill Evans and for the preliminary work you should budget on costs of between £180.00 plus VAT to £250.00 plus VAT which amounts to £216.00 including VAT and £300.00 including VAT.

If payment is not made after we have sent a letter of request for payment to the debtor, we will advise you of the likely costs of mediation and the costs of court proceedings. The costs will vary depending upon the value of the debt involved and also it will vary according to how complex your case may be. In the event of taking court proceedings, we will provide you with an initial estimate of the costs to a particular stage and then of the further costs likely to be incurred if the matter is fully disputed by the debtor.