Company Work


At Richardson and Davies we are aware of the needs of businesses and endeavour to assist them in achieving success.


In order to archive growth there is a need for effective and sound legal advice which both Bill and Miles and their team can provide.
We have the ability to deal with all types of business enterprise in its various forms inc:

We are able to assist businesses on the appropriate form of business structure and deal with assisting clients in:


Many businesses are run in the form of a partnership arrangement.  This can involve a number of partners, or simply two individuals working together under the terms of a Partnership Agreement whether written or verbal.  A properly drafted partnership agreement will clearly regulate matters between the partners and if a disagreement arises it can assist in avoiding the dissolution of the partnership. It also will identify the partners entitlements as to the sharing of profits and deal with matters concerning retirement.

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a separate legal entity which like a limited company is capable of owning assets and being liable for debts.  The members in an  LLP have limited liability but it is essential that there is in a place an LLP Agreement, which sets out clearly the responsibility of the members, their powers with regard to the administration of the partnership and also can designate the responsibility for dealing with accountancy matters and the statutory filing and compliance  requirements, as well as other issues relating to taxation and insolvency.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales

Advice and  assistance may be required on:

At Richardson & Davies we provide full and detailed advice on all of these issues having regard to up to date legislation including Directors’ statutory responsibilities, their  powers and the risks that attach to that appointment.  We can advise on potential liability arising from insolvency, wrongful or fraudulent trading.


There has been rapid growth in employment legislation in this country since the 1980’s.   This means that any business enterprise with employees has to deal with a mass of statutory provisions which regulate the relationship of employee and employer.

Employment legislation deals with matters concerning termination of employment through redundancy and unfair dismissal and it also deals with other wide ranging issues including discrimination on different levels.  All of these are areas in which a business requires detailed advice on the appropriate legislation and on the risks involved in dealing with such matters to the employer.

Of fundamental importance are the employment contracts that are put into place together with appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures.  We can provide the necessary assistance and guidance in all of these areas.

In the event of problems arising and disputes ensuing, which lead to dismissal and claims being brought through the Employment Tribunal, we provide a full service in advising on such matters and claims and representation when required right the way through to Tribunal hearings.